Malaysian Indian Facebook girls

Lately, Facebook pages which highlight Malaysian Indian girls based heavily on their scant dressing sense have mushroomed in full view for the Indian masses here.

Such pages' admins justify that they are teaching a lesson on how to dress and behave to these girls while calling them sluts, bitches, whores, etc. In the lame pretext of moral policing the girls, those who operate the pages allow vulgar comments and the soliciting of the mobile numbers from fans of the girls featured on such pages. And, they call this 'educating' vandis and playgirls and those girls who reveal their body publicly in Facebook.

And then there are girls who provide a surplus of material for these sick minds to prey on.

In case you are wondering what 'vandi' means, it means a ride, pinpointing girls that random guys can screw.
Not a pretty term, I know.

The people who comment against such pages, me included will be bombarded with pure profanity by the admin..

It is astounding how much profanity I have to undergo in order to knock some sense into all those admins operating pages that demean Malaysian Indian girls. Perhaps they hold a doctorate for cussing. 

For those girls who upload pics of them in revealing clothes and bath towels why are you doing what you are doing? Have some discretion and express yourself and worthiness by your intelligence and wit and not by your capability of dressing and posing like Shakeela or Mallika Sherawat. They get paid to reveal their physique and you do it gratuitously. Why?? 

I can take wild guesses WHY.

You think, (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are innocent and unassuming of the bad, bad world out there) that showing off such revealing pictures of yours to get some likes. Well, honey, there is more to life than likes on Facebook.

And, another one, attention seeking at all the wrong ends and means. If a guy comments, "Hot and sexy" on your photo of you wearing little cloth, you will like it and the message you give to the guy is that yes, you are indeed a vandi and he will take every chance to screw you.

You will happily lap up all the attention but the moment you find out that your pics have been featured on such pages, you will go, "Aiyo, amma, saami, kaapatunggeh." and rush to salvage what little dignity you have left.

Well, my friends and I are trying to fight for your dignity here because we are women just like you.

Of course you have the freedom to dress and upload your photos as you like but as you go about it, you should take all the precautions necessary so that your photos don't fall into the wrong hands. Your body is  your temple and your responsibility.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt for your apparent lack of understanding on online media security and your  frivolity in adding friends also contribute for the misuse of your photos and they end up in such pages by the doing of your 'friends'. Leave such pages, your so called friends might have saved your pics in their PCs and circulate them in porn sites.

If you have the fetish to upload scantily clad photos of yours on Facebook, set the privacy appropriately. Facebook has given you that choice. If you choose for your photo to be viewed publicly, face both the positive and negative consequences that comes with your choice.

Before you jump at me that I'm outdated and irrelevant to present times and even pattikadu while you girls are civilized, know that being civilized also means knowing that uncivilized people live among us and in order for them not to show their incivility, you should be discreet in whatever you do especially your activities in Facebook and other social networks in order to stay safe.

This clamour that we are modern girls so we dress modern rings shallow when what you are doing is just aping the West. 

Trouble comes to women in many faces. It is wise to not invite more trouble online because we already have ample trouble in real life.